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Primary School

In work and play, only our best.

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School Logo


Primary School

In work and play, only our best.

School Uniform

Our uniform consists of:

- a red sweatshirt or cardigan with our school logo

- a white polo shirt 

- grey trousers 

- grey skirt/pinafore 

- black shoes (no trainers)


Summer Uniform:

- red & white gingham summer dress

- boys can wear plain grey shorts


PE Kit:

- white t-shirt 

- shorts

- trainers (must be suitable for outdoor sports activities)


To ensure the safety of our children, jewellery is not allowed to be worn in school. If earrings are worn, could we ask that they are small, plain studs. Earrings should not be worn on PE days.


Long hair must be tied back at all times and we ask that hair bobbles, clips, headbands and other accessories are sensible and discreet and preferably in school colours. Short hair should be in a sensible style. Lines cut in hair are not part of school uniform and  should be left for holiday times.

Our jumpers/cardigans are the only branded item that is required. These can be purchased from Moonline on Standish Street in Burnley Town Centre or online at my clothing.


We are still able to send order forms directly from school if this is more convenient.


We have a limited amount of stock in school but not all sizes are available.


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