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In work and play, only our best.

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Primary School

In work and play, only our best.

Support for parents

Nip in the Bud | Child Mental Health Resources for Parents and Teachers


Nip in the Bud® works with mental health professionals of the highest standing to produce FREE short evidence-based films and fact sheets to help parents, educationalists and others working with children to recognise potential mental health conditions. The goal is to increase the prospects of early intervention and to avoid those conditions becoming more serious in later years.


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Healthy relationship in your home

Choosing the right support at the right time

Health-wise: getting the right support for you and your child


Safe and reliable advice about young people’s mental health, created by experts and parents together


At Anna Freud, our vision is a world where all children and young people are able to achieve their full potential.

A world in which they and their families get support that is designed with their input, available at the right time, and meets their needs, so that they can develop their emotional and mental health.

Children and Family Wellbeing Service Timetable of Events and QR code for easy registration

'Back into School' - please click on the below links to see a whole host of resource




Family Hub Launch - More information on the link

Home Start

Children and Family Wellbeing Service

Keeping your child safe online.

If you are a parent or carer, we hope you will find the web links below useful.

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